Friday, February 25, 2005

More access to the legal system , especially the criminal justice system by the grassroot community is the most critical issue of American Jurisprudence !!!
There is a desperate need for a system of jurisprudence that is less complicated and mysterious.
The lowest commom man among us is entitled to an interest equal to the highest nobleman among us____ when it comes to equal justice !
It is a mockery of justice that ten years of law school should be required before equal justice under the law is possible.
The nature of statutory authority is too complicated for the commom man to use !
Statutory authority must be simplified and codified in such a way that even the uneducated man can file a necessary motion to defend his innocense . Everyman in America could be a paralegal qualified to defend himself pro se in a court of law if the existing system would open the door to equal access and pro bono assistance
The massive number of accumulated laws designed to administer Justice have become a STATIC ,COLD BLOODED ACTION of EXECUTION and ENFORCEMENT.......
with no effective system of accountability !
Innocent until proven guilty is no longer the standard defending the accused !
The courts are redefining the meaning of our constitutional priviledges as we speak !
Therefore, Just-Us Para-Legal Outreach concludes that the existing system of justice must be amended to prevent the people the system was designed to defend from incurring any further injury or intimidation ! !
The scales of Justice must be balanced ! Legal Services must be made affordable.
Money must no longer determine the quality of justice administered in a court of law !

If you have not been victimized by the existing system kindly disregard this notice ......

but if you are like the rest of us mere mortals .....Concerned Community citizens of America uniting to collectively address the issue of ........ A More Perfect Justice.........

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Everyman is morally obligated to contribute to the laws and constitutions that effect not only his Sovereign Freeman Citizenship ...... but the Freeman Citizen ship of his brother
Whether his contribution be ......The Heart to Conceive ....... The Understanding To Direct ......
or The Hand To Execute